Emmriele’s Entropy

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had the time to blog, though my knitting needles, crochet hooks and needle felting needles have been flying through my stash.

I’m almost out of yarn!  Which, of course, is the plan.  I have the yarn left for the projects I have set aside for this year, but other than that, it’s gone!  My “ugly” blanket is finished, and it’s not ugly so much as … well, my partner called it “charming”. I, however, love it.

So far, I’ve brought it with me through out the house, during the recent cold snap, and snuggled under it with the kittens.  We’ve all enjoyed the fruits of my labours.

The girls are growing quickly and steadily.  It’s hard to believe they will be seven months old in three days.  I’m glad we rescued them, and have been putting their progress on Instagram.  It’s very cool to see them grow in photos.

Over the next few weeks will prove to be interesting, as I will be purging our suite, bringing it down to only the things we need.  I”m so tired of having chaos in my home.  I yearn for something a lot more streamlined.  Mostly wanting to set up my filming station again, and get back to teaching my craft.



The Year of Making

Happy New Year!

Today is the start of the “Year of Making”.  For me, that means working on a new pattern/recipe from the patterns I already have.  No buying new patterns (unless they are for a commission), and only buying the yarn the pattern calls for.  No more hoarding of yarn.

With kittens, it’s very hard to get anything done, but it’s time to stop procrastinating and get ‘er done.

I have a Twitch.TV channel, which I will start to stream on more, once I figure out the new Stream Elements.

I’m also going to be attending a lot more conventions, shows and trying to be more open with my chosen art.

Either way, where ever you are, Happy New Year, and welcome to The Year of Making!

We’ve Re-Branded!

Starting on January 1, 2018 (how weird that is to type!) The Lovers Knott will become Anisoptera Knits!

So happy with this rebrand, and will spill all when we go live.  You will notice some changes rolling out until the “big reveal” but it will be all done by New Year’s Day.

Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday, and Father Winter didn’t hit you too hard.

Until then, happy crafting!

Catch up, heartbreak and triumph

It’s been a long time, it feels since I’ve looked up from my current crochet project.  I’m deep concentration on another Mandala Madness project.  This particular one is an entry into our local county fair.

While I have been working on this, our family suffered the loss of our 20-year-old kitten Crya.  She had been with us through so very much.  Today is a week since her passing, and it feels like it happened today.  Our home and hearts are emptier than normal, and we are helping our other cat – Chewie – through this transition as for the first time in his life, he’s the only animal.

18813240_1207615439347476_685569630418941311_n  This is our beloved Crya.  You are missed, my sweet girl.

That being said, I’ve taken the first few steps in my project for 2017 … I am teaching myself how to spin, and dye my own yarn to use on my crochet and knit products.  Right now, I have a couple of drop spindles and some basic wool to learn the portable spinning.  I love the fact that I am in a couple of communities that can help.  I know I will have a LOT of questions.

So, let’s get this party started!



Crochet Stalemate

Over the past few weeks, I have been trying to work diligently on my Sophie’s Universe. However, the pattern has not kept my interest, and in all honesty, has become somewhat of a “job” for me. So I spoke with my partner, and we agreed to leave it as a lapghan for my rocking chair.

sophie lapghan

So the tote that’s currently filled with my scrap yarn, will no longer be used for this blanket, but for a simple Corner2Corner blanket.  This blanket I will be using for my camping blanket or dragged about where ever I go to snuggle down.

Now as for the blanket I want to create for the local Fall Fair, I’m at a bit of a loss.  I adore the Mandala Madness blanket, but I have recently found another gorgeous blanket.  The Galaxy of Change has stolen my eye, and I keep looking at the pattern.

I do think I should make the “mini” version for the loveseat, and maybe the larger version for the Fair.  What do you all think?

Time to think.  *grin*


An Exciting New Prospect

Over this past weekend, my partner and I completely reorganised our home.  To the tune of moving furniture, purging unwanted/unneeded items, and really opening up our space.  I now have an office of sorts – it also doubles as our dining room, as my main craft table is our dining room.

I’m feeling very accomplished and creative now.  While organising things, I found my pads of graph drawing paper. So now, I want to sit and create.  However, I still have a few projects on the go.  So, I will finish my friend’s baby blanket (which I had better hustle on, as she’s due in May), my Sophie’s Universe Blanket, and my knit stocking beanie.

Once those are done, I can start on my Fall Fair project and sit with my paper and see what original designs I can come up with.  I’m looking forward to stretching my creative wings and seeing what is in this noggin of mine.

There’s also a couple new ongoing things in my life I’m excited to share with you all.  First, I was hired on at my local Starbucks, so this coffee addict is now enabling others to the blessed brew.  Which also means, I can start to save up and get some new wool and yarn to play with.  I’m also the provincial representative for Octopus for a Preemie Canada /  Pieuvres pour Bébés Prématurés Canada.  So whenever I can make it to WalMart to pick up a skein of cotton, I make wee octopi for preemies.  Being the provincial rep means all the donated octopi in my province come to me, I inspect them for our strict safety standards, then send them out to the accepting hospitals.  It’s a wonderful feeling, especially since my partner is totally on board with this project.

So with that being said, I’m going back to sit in my rocking chair, watch my PVR shows and crochet.  If it’s snowing where you are – like it is here, I hope you stay warm, and you have a great, creative day!


Yarn Review and New Projects

Well, it’s been a long while since I’ve sat down and worked on this blog.  For the most part, it’s been because I’ve been very busy with crocheting and learning how to knit.

For the crochet thing, I’ve been working on a couple of commissions. I taught myself the broomstick lace, and made a scarf.


While making this scarf, I used a yarn I’ve never used before.  I used the Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable Yarn in Stained Glass. The yarn itself is quite soft, and it slides nicely off an aluminum hook.  The colour changes for this project were row by row, and the end product looks, and feels wonderful.  Will I get this yarn again?  In a heartbeat.  In fact, I’m thinking about making myself something special in Dragonfly.

Another project I was working on are a couple of hot pads for my mother. She has a number of pans which were being scratched as they were stacked together. So I grabbed some Bernat Cotton out of my stash, and went to work.  Two sizes, and she is quite happy.  They ended up being quite thick, and puffy.  Pans are protected and she has a couple of other hot pads for when she holds her amazing family dinners.

And now the final project I’ve been working on is teaching myself how to knit.  I found a lovely knit hat pattern, and decided to give it a go.  It’s very slow going.  It’s taken me two days to knit the ribbing, and the first nine rows of the hat body.

But I’m loving it.  I’m learning how to mark rows (it has a number of pattern repeats), and am actually enjoying it a lot.

Lately, though, my pain levels have been through the roof, and even though I find it hard to walk, I’m so grateful my hands are still OK.  My partner has been working hard on getting my craft area organized, and we cannot wait until I have full use of the area.

Hopefully soon, I will have a comfortable area to design, and learn other things.